Peter Kastner aka PAAK

Welcome to the PAAK webside. As all games are, this side is also a work in progress, it will grow and some old and new stuff will be added from time to time. You can find here the actual long time projects "YO CAP" (yo*capitalism), "recycle NO ©" and "us cookbook" beside the sections of sound art and visual art. And the blog contains some actual statements and pictures.



recycle NO ©

This is an overview about recycle NO © (since 2005). All these works are collages / drawings on paper (30 x 30 cm). Besides the new drawings there is mostly recycled material used.


Since a some years i am working on YO CAP (yo*capitalism) as a comment to the world wide capitalism and its babaric & destructive character.


This is an overview of the records (vinyl / cassettes / cd) which i made as solo projects or as collaborations with other artists. Most of them are produced on the own label permaREV Platten.

Latest Blognews

Studio KO-OP - Revolte (13:01, 15.06.2023)

Actually you can see the new installation Revolte by Studio KO-OP (MORETTO & PAAK) at the xpon-art gallery in Hamburg. The installation is part of the group show "raumNEHMEN" and is running till July 15th, 2023.


During the Architektursommer in Hamburg Studio KO-OP will show the new installation "Revolte". This installation reminds the revolt of the KPD in Hamburg 1923. It is part of the group show "raumNEHMEN" at xpon-art gallery (8.6.2023 - 9.7.2023).

Studio KO-OP

Since 2005 the Hamburg artists Paolo Moretto (aka MORETTO) and Peter Kastner (aka PAAK) are working together as Studio KO-OP. More about Studio KO-OP you find on the the Studio KO-OP webpage.

As an excerpt just some images from Studio KO-OP activities:


Studio KO-OP - Wir sind Griechen

24-hour performance in 2015 at gallery Atelierhaus 23 (Hamburg) during a Studio KO-OP installation with the same title.

Studio KO-OP - Buscaglione


Performance from 2014 at Studio KOOP (Hamburg), photo by Ine Ophof.


 A film still from the short film "Studio KO-OP vs. HOLLYWOOD" (2005).