26.5.2018, 21.00 at Hoerbar, Hamburg / blurred edges festival


Das Synthetische Mischgewebe / PAAK / The Oval Language

concert & performance

entrance: 10 € (2 day ticket, also for the 25.5.2018) or 6 €  (day ticket)





Brigittenstr. 5

20359 Hamburg






8.4.2017, 19.00 at Artistshouse Sootbörn:


Komissar Hjuler · Mama Baer · Jan van Wissen · PAAK

concert, performance, happening

entrance: 5 €




Künstlerhaus Sootbörn
Sootbörn 22
22453 Hamburg



11.4.2017 - 21.5.2017

schön, falsch, leben

Exhibition at Kunsthaus Hamburg, including the

Studio KO - OP installation "Wie sind Griechen II" (We are Greek II)

On the opening reception on 10.4.2017 Studio KO - OP presents the performance "Autodidaktische Bauern" (Self-taught farmers)






Klosterwall 15
20095 Hamburg


open: Di - So von 11 - 18 Uhr
entrance: 5 € / reduced 3 €



Latest on permaREV Platten:


TBC & PAAK - LENIN DADA (prp 042)




PAAK: tapes, effects

TBC: tapes, effects, computer, final mix

This CD is a collaboration between permaREV Platten and Wachsender Prozess.


S T I L L  H O T:

If, Bwana & futureduck - coop (prp 044)




Free improvisations by If, Bwana & futureduck, recorded by Robert Klammer at Studio KO - OP (Hamburg, 21.10.2013)

If, Bwana - toys, recorder, clarinet-mouthpiece

Robert Klammer - zither, electronics, objects

PAAK - toys, objects, electronics, voice



xucuners - after dinner show (prp 041)




Live recording of the xucuners (*LLND / Siri Kollandsrud / PAAK) at the Heshun Country Art Festival (2013), Xu Cun / China.


Siri Kollandsrud




sonic toy lab - Ausflug ins Grüne (prp 040)




Track 1 is an excerpt from the sonic toy lab sound installation (Jesteburg 2012, realised by Ine Ophof, Jan van Wissen and PAAK), track 2 is a sonic toy live recording (Hamburg 2013 during the festival blurred edges, performed by Jan van Wissen and PAAK).





Free improvisations / performance by LYD from Copenhagen (Toni Larsen / Svend Danielsen / Peter Holmgren / Heine Skjerning / Anker Mortensen / Thyra Hilden und Siri Kollandsrud) and PAAK from Hamburg.



futureduck & company at Gängeviertel

Fre improvisations with futureduck & company (Robert Klammer, PAAK, Christoph Funabashi, Helmuth Neumann, Jan van Wissen).


These concerts are part of the blurred edges Festival Hamburg 2014 and supported by vamh.


17.10.2013, 20.30

If, Bwana / Iku Sakan / Kakawaka / PAAK / Katherine Liberovskaya

at sowieso, Berlin

If, Bwana - laptop

Iku Sakan  - steel drum, objects

Kakawaka - electronics, objects

PAAK - laptop, objects, toys

Katherine Liberovskaya - live video


If, Bwana

Al Margolis (If, Bwana) was an activist in the 1980s American cassette underground through his cassette label Sound of Pig Music, and is co-founder of experimental music label Pogus Productions. Active under the name If, Bwana since 1984, making music that has swung between fairly spontaneous studio constructions and more process-oriented composition.



21.10.2013, 21.00

If, Bwana & futureduck

at Studio KO-OP, Hamburg


If, Bwana - laptop

Robert Klammer - electronics, objects

PAAK - laptop, objects, toys



19.7.2013 - 4.8.2013

2nd He Shun International Art Festival, Xu Cun (China)

Andrew Davis / Cui Jinzhe / Dagmara Genda / Dan Gajdosova / Greg Hardy / Ingrid Skovgaard / Josh Rubenstone / Kate Downie / llnd (Laurent Lettree & Nathalie Delpech) / Luke Sciberras / Li Yifan / Liang Yue / Peter Kastner / Peng Jingyue / Ren Xiaoying / Sophie Cape / Victor Ming Hoi Lai / Wu Daming / Xing Junqin / Zhou Yingchao / Rodney Dickson / Siri Kollandsrud




Peter Kastner´s painting "SERIÖS" on its way from the Xu Cun Studios to the Xu Cun Village Contemporary Art Museum (photo: Siri Kollandsrud).


May 2013: 3 events at Studio KO-OP

During the festival blurred edges in Hamburg there will be also these 3 events at Studio KO-OP (Beerenweg 1, 22761 Hamburg / Germany). The festival blurred edges is supported by the culture office of the city of Hamburg. The performances start at 21°°.


Iku Sakan / Kakawaka / PAAK

Performances of Iku Sakan (Berlin), Kakawaka (Berlin) and PAAK (Hamburg) in different combinations from solo to trio.



Sonic Toy Lab - Ausflug ins Grüne

Unfortunately the originally planned performance with Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Bär had to be cancelled. Instead, Sonic Toy Lab (Jan van Wissen, Peter Kastner) will present "Ausflug ins Grüne". This is a live remix of the sound material of the garden sound objects which Sonic Toy Lab (Jan van Wissen, Ine Ophof, Peter Kastner) installed last year in Jesteburg.



futureduck & company

Improvised music by Robert Klammer (Hamburg), PAAK and Jan van Wissen (Amsterdam), Christoph Ogierman (Bremen).



RLW / PAAK - Klingelbeutel

The new vinyl record by  RLW (Ralf Wehowsky) and PAAK (Peter Kastner) is now available.


After RLW and PAAK worked (together with Ine Ophof and Jan van Wissen) on the theme „food“ (see CD "Mahlzeit" on Hinterzimmer Records) they both come now to the next basic theme, the religious mania. Basic material for the pieces „pay the prayer“ (RLW) and „opium 1 – 4“ (PAAK) were recordings of prayers and other christian propaganda from TV and records.

The vinyl-record is limited to 154 pieces and comes with 3 inserts, one of them is a signed stamp print (for enlightment and accompaning during listening to the record each is printed on one page of a catholic prayer – and songbook).

There´s no business like holy business / PLAY IT LOUD.





Kommissar Hjuler und Frau / Kakawaka / Peter Kastner - Whole Lotta Love

Green records published now a cassette with a live recording of Kommissar Hjuler und Frau / Kakawaka / Peter Kastner plus some solo recordings.






7.7.2012, Labor (Jesteburg / Germany)

Sonic Toy Lab garden sound-objects

On 7.7.2012 Sonic Toy Lab (Ine Ophof, Jan van Wissen, Peter Kastner) presented some homemade STL garden sound-objects at the Labor (Laboratory) in Jesteburg.



11.5.2012 - 3.6.2012, Galerie Herold (Bremen / Germany):

Peter Kastner / Paolo Moretto

KO-OP: Abbruch (paintings / installation / performance)



12.5.2012, Studio KO-OP (Hamburg / Germany):

Kommissar Hjuler und Frau / Kakawaka / Peter Kastner




12.5.2012 - 3.6.2012, art store (Hamburg / Germany)

Peter Kastner / Paolo Moretto

KO-OP: nur noch (paintings)





18.5.2012, Gängeviertel, Galerie Loge (Hamburg / Germany)

blurred edges 201211.5.2012 - 3.6.2012, Galerie Herold (Bremen / Germany):


futureduck & company + niedervolthoudini


futureduck & company

Robert Klammer  prepared records, electronics, synthesizer, objects

Peter Kastner  toys, tapes, voice, objects

Gunnar Lettow  prepared e-bass, electronics

Lars Scherzberg  sopranino & prepared cymbal

Jan van Wissen  guitar, toys, electronics, voiceprepared e-bass, electronics



Lichtmaschine by Carl-John Hoffmann, Sebastian Kubersky

sound by Carl-John Hoffmann, René Huthwelcker



20.4.2012, Galerie Kunst-nah:

futureduck & company

Robert Klammer  prepared records, electronics, synthesizer, objects

Peter Kastner  toys, objects, recordplayer, tapes

Lars Scherzberg  sopranino & prepared cymbal






14.1.2012 - 1.2.2012

Niederungen und Eroberungen 

Kommissar Hjulers BROTKATZE-Kollaborationen

incl. collaborations with KO-OP (Paolo Moretto / Peter Kastner; more).


Offenes Atelier D.U.Design

Postgasse 6
9500 Villach (Austria)




19.11.2011, Gängeviertel (Galerie Loge):

futureduck & company

Robert Klammer  prepared records, electronics, synthesizer, objects

Peter Kastner  toys, electro-accoustic sound-objects

Marianne Kipp  cello, kettle-drum, little instruments, objects

Jan van Wissen  guitar, toys, electronics, voice






21.10.2011, Gängeviertel (Fabrik):

Noise + Performance


Kakawaka (Berlin)

Peter Kastner (Hamburg)

TBC (Hamburg)

X-NAVI:ET (Torun) 

This concert was supported by vamh

more infos:

Kakawaka, Peter Kastner, TBC, X-NAVI:ET





17.9. / 18.9.2011:

Beatrice Dettmann : open studio

guest: Peter Kastner - us cookbook (installation)


17.9.2011, 16°°: futureduck - improvised music

Robert Klammer  toys, electro-accoustic sound-objects

Peter Kastner  toys, electro-accoustic sound-objects

Atelier Beatrice Dettmann, Duvenwischen 45, 22359 Hamburg




radio fsk

22.7.2011: futureduck and company

Robert Klammer  toys, electro-accoustic sound-objects

Peter Kastner  toys, electro-accoustic sound-objects

Gunnar Lettow  prepared e-bass, electronics




Paolo Moretto & Peter Kastner at Kunstfrühling Bremen, presented by Galerie 149 / Bremerhaven (6.5.2011 - 5.6.2011)





Performances during blurred edges 2001

7.5.2011: Kommissar Hjuler und Frau + Peter Kastner + Foltergaul at Studio KO-OP / Hamburg


11.5.2011: futureduck & company at Hörbar / Hamburg

(Robert Klammer, Peter Kastner & Gunnar Lettow, Lars Scherzberg)


18.5.2011: , Sonic Toy Lab + X-NAVI:ET at Studio KO-OP / Hamburg

(Jan van Wissen, Peter Kastner + Rafal Iwanski)

listen to this performance at Internet Archive





November 4, 2010 to January 28, 2011

Rush Philantropic Arts Foundation


The Nathan Cummings Foundation

475 Tenth Ave., NY 10018 NY


                                                  Group show including the us cookbook by Peter Kastner






performance by Rodney Dickson (NY) & Peter Kastner (HH)

at Grace Exhibition Space & Gallery


November 19, 2010