YO * CAP City


YO * CAP City – The rich & the beautiful (2021 ...)

"YO * CAP City - The rich & the beautiful" is a look at the smart areas of the ruling classes: there is contentment + the idyll: everything could be so nice ...



YO * CAP City – Underground / Derive into the shit (2010 ...)

What would a smart world without the underground? "Derive into the shit" is an older project (from 2010, first presentation at ZAAL100, Amsterdam), a little look into the trash areas of the Mega-Cities: here the workers of the world produce the richness for the chosen & happy few.



YO * CAP City – The naive beginning

The beginning was, like often, harmless: over the years many rotten and unwanted toys are collected in the studio, but what to do with them? Of course, a city … the nasty connections arose later and very suddenly.